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The Ablino Rhino 04-05

This was the year of the lockout.  Neither Bryan or I had confidence anything was going to be resolved to save the season, but our agents advised us to hold off on signing with any teams though since there was an outside chance a deal could be done.  We killed the time in Saskatoon, skating with the Blades during their practices.  After the start of the lockout had been officially announced, Bryan and I knew there wasn't going to be an NHL season that year.  It was time to find somewhere else to play.

I took an offer to go to England and play for the Coventry Blaze of the EIHL.  It turned out to be the best decision of my career.  I got to play of defense full time, I was never a healthy scratch, and I logged a ton of minutes on the ice.  

I joined the team in November, and contrary to what I had been expecting nobody on the team was from England.  The team was full of Canadian and American players.  Settling in was no problem at all.  That's not to say I had a problem with the English.  It's just those accents that drive me crazy.

I stayed in an apartment with Dan Carlson.  We could not be more the opposite.  He is a 5 foot 10 team leading goal scorer.  He was the smallest pro hockey player I had ever seen.  But he had no problem handling my big cock.  It was rather awkward when I fucked him.  My whole body covered the midget.  You would think I was just humping the bed.

I scored 7 goals in 42 games, a career high and I was named an alternate captain.  I wasn't fighting that  much, but when I did, it was total domination.  The London Racers were out bitter rivals and all but one of my fights was in those match-ups.  Jeremy Cornish was their most active enforcer.  He actually wasn't that bad at fighting at that level, but he was totally lost when fighting me.  I destroyed him twice.  The second fight, he jumped me after I wrecked Jason Robinson in a fight earlier in the game.  I was pissed and went after him.  The linesman there are much better than in the NHL.  They had us separated, but when we decided to have a fair fight right there, they got out of the way.  

We made the playoffs, which was a round robin followed by semi-final games and a championship game.  There were no playoff series.  In the round robin, we played London.  The Racers also had Eric Carins, and he started a wild brawl.  He slashed Andre Payette right on the legs and then goes after the referee, throwing him against the boards.  The referee throws him out and Eric goes after him again, punching a linesman trying to hold him back.  I've never seen anyone lose it so bad, and this is a guy who should know better than to get physical with a referee.
Eric skated around for a minute while his teammates act as his bodyguard trying to keep him from doing anything else stupid.  Just when it looks like he is going to leave, he goes flying for our bench and knocks out Andre on the bench.  That sparked a bench clearing brawl, something I didn't think happened anymore, but it was an incredible event to be apart of.
I was on the ice at the time and went right after Eric.  Our fight turned into main even and we did not disappoint.  It was quite a heavyweight bout, we traded short lefts and big right punches, most if not all of them landing.  The crowd got the “Belak, Belak, Belak...” chant going, just like home.  Eric's jersey was not tied down at all, it came right off.  I was left having to hold his undershirt, which kind of annoyed me.  

We went on to the semi-final and then won the championship.  The second championship of my career, again not the Stanley Cup, but it felt every bit as special.  We had the post game locker room celebration complete with lots of drinking, but no team orgy this time.  Dan and I organized a mini orgy with a few of the guys back at our apartment though.