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The Ablino Rhino 09-11

For every fighter, there comes that year when they drop off significantly and seriously consider retirement.  This was that year for me.  I was not doing that well in terms of fighting and my ice time was plummeting again.  I couldn't buy a big win.  I lost to Brian McGrattan twice and to Derek Boogaard once.  Most of my other fights were draws.  On top of that, my ice time was dwindling and I was playing fewer games.  That was partially due to being a healthy scratch but also because my shoulder was hurting again.  I was on and off the injured reserve.  As a result, I only played in 39 games.

Despite being away from Bryan for so much of the year, we didn't grow further apart as I did with Peter and Rhett.  I had a boyfriend I could turn to for support and offer support to.  When I left the Panthers, we made a pledge to each other not to give that up.  The time separated made our time together even more enjoyable.
We had game against the Panthers at the end of March.  I pretty much abandoned the guys to spend time with Bryan.  The afternoon of the game, I jokingly told him to keep his head up, because I would be looking for him.  He told me he had a bodyguard that was very protective of his captain.
That “bodyguard” was Steve MacIntyre.  He had largely been stuck in the minors the last few years, and was struggling to get up to the NHL.  He had just been called up from the Amerks.  I fought him in the second period of that game, and lets just say I lost, rather badly.  

When the Predators waived me, I knew it was time to retire.  I didn't want to go to the minors again, I was too old for bus travel.  I rarely played, and when I did, I didn't see more than two minutes of ice time a game.  And there was no way I was going to play in Russia.  I know a lot of guys love it, but playing  somewhere where hardly anyone spoke English was not for me.  I was part of a dying breed in hockey, the enforcer.  Just look around.  Chris Simon, Jon Mirasty, Eric Carins, Jeremy Yablonski are all in the KHL, Brian McGrattan is stuck in the AHL and struggling to make it back to the big league.  If you're a fighter, you almost have to sign a two way deal if you want an NHL contract, and that is if you are lucky enough to get that contract.  

I figured I should hang them up and find a way to stay in hockey that would be fun.  So I went into broadcasting.  I was an analyst on the Predators radio broadcasts for the rest of the year.  It was a lot better than just sitting around watching the game from the press box, and the guys still treated me like I was part of the team.  I had to be the only broadcaster getting sex from the team he covered.  Jordin's ass was mine after every game and he loved it rough.

The loss of the Boogeyman that spring was rough for everyone in hockey.  I think it was especially devastating for Bryan since he had been traded to the Rangers and Boogey was the only Ranger he really knew.  It was amazing to see outpouring of support from Wild fans, despite the fact he left the team.  I was at the funeral and the overflow crowd was full of Wild fans who had made the trip up.  He was a gentle giant who had touched so many lives.

I met Duncan Siemens at a camp organized for hockey tough guys in northern Saskatchewan. He was a defenseman from the Blades who had just been drafted by the Avalanche.  He was more of a skilled defenseman than me, great passer with a wicked shot, but he loved fighting.  Far from the primary enforcer of the Blades, but he had some great bouts.  He was physical despite being under 200 pounds.  I couldn't help but thinking he was a smaller version of me, that could make it in this new NHL.
We sat on the rock at the shore of the lake and talked about fighting in junior and out off the ice encounters.  He was no stranger to sex.
“I know this is going to sound cheesy” Duncan said.  “But I have an autographed picture of you and I've jerked off on it more times than I can count.”
“Not cheesy at all” I laughed.  “Here's your chance to have the real thing.”
Duncan grinned, lifting my shirt off and feeling his way around my chest.  His hands were soon replaced by his mouth, sucking and biting both of my nipples.  He rubbed the tent in my shorts created by the rock solid hard on.
“That feels really big” he said.
“Want it?”
“Fuck yeah, here lie down.”
I laid down on the ground and Duncan undid my shorts.  He had the look of a little kid opening a Christmas present.
“Hot fucking hell” he said, holding my shaft up.  “It's even bigger than mine.”
“Lets see yours” I said.
He dropped his shorts to the ground and rested his hard cock on top of mine.  His cock was just a bit shorter than mine at just shy of 11 inches.
“Your cock is still pretty big” I said.
“Never thought I'd see one bigger than mine” he said.  “I've been told I've got the biggest cock in juniors.”
He laid flat of top of me and sucked on my neck.  He rocked his hips into mine, grinding our cocks together.
“Ah fuck” I moaned.
He sucked and bit his way down my chest, my moans growing louder as he approached my cock.  He took his time though, stopping to suck on both of my nipples.  I cried out when I finally felt his hot mouth take my cock in.  I put my head back, moaning and enjoying the erotic feeling of his lips sliding up and down my rod.  Before I knew it, he had me on the edge.  I stopped him as I was ready to return the favor.  I had him lay down on the ground and sucked on his hard cock.
“Oh shit...ah yeah...mmmm...suck me.”
I shoved a finger into his entrance.  It went in with no resistance.  His ass had obviously been used a lot, but I was sure much of that was from other guys at the camp having their way with the rookie.
“Oh fuck...right there” he cried.
I had located his prostate and went about drilling it with my finger.  I tugged his balls with my free hand.  I had him moaning loud enough to be heard clear on the other side of the lake.  Moans turned into grunts.  I sucked him faster.
“Fuck..uuggghhhhh...yeah...gonna shoot...oh god...OH FUUUUUUCK!”
I sucked everything he had out of those balls, and swallowed every drop of his fresh sperm.  That left me having yet to cum, and his ass was the perfect place to deposit my load.  I pressed the head against his entrance and he smiled.
“Go for it, dude” he moaned.
With that, I pushed into his hot chute.  He seemed to be in a bit of pain, but it didn't stop him from begging for more of my cock, pushing back against me.  I pushed until my whole length was lodged in his tight hole.  I laid flat on top of him, sucking on his neck as I began to fuck him slowly.
“Oh fuck, you're big” he moaned.  “Ah yeah, man...fuck my ass.”
He pushed back against my thrusts faster than I was going in.  I pulled my cock out and slammed back in with my full weight.
“Ahhhh fuck!” he cried.
“Like getting drilled by my huge cock, eh?”
“Fuck yeah dude.  Give it to me.”
I let him have it, plowing into him hard with each thrusts.  He pushed back with equal force.  We wrapped our arms around each other and grunted like wild animals in heat.  Despite the cool lake breeze, we were bathed in sweat.  He was rock hard once again.  I reached under and grabbed it.  It did not take more than three tugs of his cock before he was cumming in my hand and all over our sweaty bodies.  His ass turned tight to the point where getting my cock to move in there was a struggle.  I came with a loud scream, filling his rookie chute with my warm jizz.
As we laid there recovering from our intense orgasms, I couldn't help but think that this was no ordinary fuck.  A Blades defenseman who loved to fight and had been drafted by the Avalanche, just like me.  He was my successor.  Dumping my load in his ass was kind of like me passing on the torch.  Who knows how it will turn out for him.  One thing is for sure, he will have to do more than I did to make it to the NHL.