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The Ablino Rhino 08-09

Thankfully, Bryan did end up waiving his no trade clause, and he was traded to the Panthers.  Although he wasn't named captain for another year, the whole team considered him their leader because of his veteran status, and he took advantage.  He made Jay Bouwmeester our sex toy.  Don't worry, Jay was quite willing to fill that role.  That was one sex filled training camp and preseason.

I had been close to Derek Boogaard for some time by now and he had told me many times he had wanted to fight me.  I had avoided him like the plague in previous years.  Partially because being in different conferences meant the opportunity to fight was rare.  Part of it was also me not wanting to fall victim to his iron fists.  Our third game of the season was against the Wild at home.  Seven minutes in, Boogey gets into it with Nick Boynton.  The linesman got in quickly to break it up, and while they were trying to separate the two, Boogey pops Nick on the jaw.  A wicked cheap shot.  I yelled at Boogey from the bench.  He gave me his signature smirk as he went to the box.
Boogey was back on the ice for my next shift and I went straight after him.
“Looks like I finally woke up the sleeping giant” he said.
We dropped the gloves at center ice.  I started off with a right and a few lefts, which nearly caused Derek to lose his balance.  He threw some hay maker rights while I tried to outdo him using both hands.  This guy was a hard puncher.  He took his time though.  He would wind up and throw a bomb, and some of those did hit me.  No wonder he has had so many knockout wins.  Luckily for me, most of them missed, and when he did miss, he lost his grip and balance and I hit him with a few lefts for the win.

Days later, the Panthers waived me, claiming in part that I wasn't fighting enough.  That made me mad as hell, because I had never turned down a challenge in any of those games.  Plus, it was only a month into the regular season.  Give it some more time.
They didn't and I was traded again, this time to the Predators.  Once again, I was saying goodbye to my boyfriend.  Bryan said jokingly if I told him to follow me to Nashville, he would kill me.  Neither of us was ready for a new boyfriend.  We had been together for seven years after all.  

The guys in the Predators room were awesome.  For once, I got a proper welcome.  Sex where I was on top.  Jordin Tootoo picked me up at the airport and showed me around Nashville.  Then he took me to his home where he gave me wickedly good blow job.

I got a text from Derek Boogaard after I landed in Nashville.  “Welcome to the west, big guy.  I'm ready for a rematch.”
My second fight of the year was indeed that rematch.  I felt the full force of his punching power in this fight.  He also seemed to take a page from my book and had no problem switching hands.  I couldn't get much going and narrowly lost that fight.

But after that, I went on an winning streak.  I scored a TKO against Cam Janssen.  What happened was I caught David Perron with his head down and rocked him with a big hit.  Cam didn't like it and got up in my face.  We dropped the gloves and hung on tight at first.  We took turns throwing punches at each other and I caught him with a hard right.  At the end of the fight, we got loose enough for me to throw lefts and him to throw rights.  I hit Cam right on the button and he went down in a heap.  Did I mention I TKO'd Cam in front of his parents?

Riley Cote was my next victim.  I had seen the footage of his fights.  Unlike any other guy I fought in the last few years, he cared about only one thing, throwing punches.  He was a lot like PJ Stock, a fearless little warrior who will get into a no defense slug fest with anyone.  He had as many big losses as he did wins, but one thing was for sure, nobody ever got bored watching his fights.  My fight against him was no different.  Rock em sock em robots is how Flyers play by play guy Jim Jackson described it, and I would say that is pretty accurate.  Riley was a little more defensive than normal, but was still pretty open and we tagged each other with some good hard punches.  In the end, I out-landed him for the win.

By far my biggest win of the year, and indeed my career, was against Donald Brashear.  I knocked that sucker out with a huge right.  I was totally pumped, though if you watch the fight, you couldn't tell by the way I went to the box.  That bitched loved to showboat after a win.  Waving you hands in the air to get the crown into it is fine, but dusting the hands or making any other taunting gestures at your opponent's bench are against the code.  And Brash did that often.  I wanted to go the box with some dignity, and maybe teach that bastard how to act.  After the game, I had dozens of texts from enforcers around the league congratulating me on my knock out.

That knockout, combined with only suffering one loss to the Boogeyman made me the 2008-2009 NHL heavyweight champion.  I didn't get a trophy though.  Everyone looked up to the heavyweight champ, and that in itself was awesome.