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The Ablino Rhino 02-03

This was a great year for me.  I was back on defense with Bryan, but I also had a great season fighting wise.  Tie had worked with me on my fighting skills and it was paying off.  I got my first TKO in the NHL in a bout against Jeff Cowan of the Thrashers.  I had the advantage from the start, jack hammering him with rights.  Jeff got the jersey over his head and threw lefts which barely touched me.  I would have been glad to stop with him not being able to see, but he kept throwing, so I did the same.  I ended the fight by giving him a hard right square on the noggin and he went down.  He was bleeding pretty good as he went to the box.

Now when you get a win by TKO, you are entitled to claim one additional guy for your pleasure in addition to the guy you knocked down.  I picked Ilya Kovalchuk and took him and Jeff home.
“These Russian boys love big cocks ya know” Jeff said.  “I can't fuck him often enough.”
“Really?  Well he should be drooling when I feed him my sausage.”
I pulled Ilya down to his knees.  He didn't know much English back then, but he sure knew what I wanted when I shoved his face into my crotch.  He yanked my pants down and swallowed my hard rod.  This kid sure knew what he was doing, and had no issues taking me down his throat.
“This kid is a pro” I laughed.  “You sure trained this bitch well.”
“That's the beauty.  I didn't have to train him” Jeff said.  “I think Russians have cocksucking talent in their genes.  But what they really love is getting their asses fucked by large cocks.”
I turned Ilya around and bent him over the edge of the bed.  He moaned something in Russian when I pushed my cock in his ass.
“Yeah, take my monster cock, ya Russian whore” I grunted as I fucked him.  He pushed back against my brutal thrusts, moaning and begging for more.  Even when I slammed in with my full weight, it wasn't enough for this cock loving bitch.  I was in heaven fucking him, but I had no intention of letting him have my load.  I pulled out and grabbed Jeff.
“Bend over” I told him.
“What the...”
I had him bent over and filled his ass with my cock before he could finish.
“Ahhhh shit, Wade” Jeff winced.
“Well you couldn't possibly expect me to cum in your whore's overused butthole.”
I grabbed him by the shoulders and plowed him, my thrusts rocking the bed wildly.
“Oh fuck...yeah...ah man” Jeff moaned.
“Fuck yeah, this is more like it...nice tight ass for me to rip open.”
Having already drilled Ilya, I did not last long in Jeff's chute.  After a few hard thrusts, my cock erupted, filling Jeff with my warm load.

After the Christmas break, I was back on the fourth line.  Fighting was suddenly a top priority again.  I took on Krzysztof Oliwa, The Polish Hammer, in our game against the Bruins on January 7.  It was a fairly even fight, nothing significant happened on either side.

We went on a three game road trip and I fought every game.  First in Boston, I got into it with Sean Brown.  A scrum was developing in the Bruins end, and Sean and I found each other.  We shoved at each other for a bit before I decided to drop the gloves.  Sean followed suit.  It was over quicker than it began when I sent him down with a hard right.  

With just seconds to go in the game, I fought PJ Stock.  A long decent bout and I got the narrow win out-landing him.  

I went undefeated for awhile, right up until I fought Stephen Peat in a game against the Caps in late March.  We had a classic square off at center ice, with the crowd going wild in anticipation.  After a few seconds of grappling, I got my right arm loose and landed some punches.  Then out of nowhere it seems, Steve starts pummeling me with lefts.  And these were rapid fire punches.  I was stunned, and embarrassingly, I did turtle a bit.  I tried to come back, but I was tired and kind of woozy.  We exchanged rights, most of which fell short.  Wouldn't you know it, just as I think I am regaining enough strength to squeeze out a tie, the linesman come in.  I hadn't been schooled like that in a fight in years, just a totally humiliating defeat.  

It wasn't the way I wanted to end the regular season, but I was still happy with my fights.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough for the title of heavyweight champion.

We faced the Flyers the first round in the playoffs, and lost in 7 games.  To be honest, the off ice problems really did have an effect on our performance on the ice.  Now I've heard all sorts of crazy rumors as to how it started.  Among the more outrageous ones was that Shayne was sleeping with Alex Mogilny's wife.  Or Shayne was sleeping with Darcy's wife and Gary's wife.  All of them are completely false, and I will set the record straight.
This had actually been brewing before I arrived in Toronto, but it exploded in a big way that season.  Shayne and Gary did have a feud going back to junior, but as far as I could tell, they had reconciled enough to get along when around the team.  I saw no sign of bad blood between them.  The real story here is Shayne wanted to sleep with Darcy on the road.  Darcy said no, citing the fact that he was married and straight.  I happened to know that Darcy was indeed not rigidly straight as he claimed.  He was rooming with Nik Antropov and they fucked regularly on the road.  Even when we were at home, he would even sneak over to Nik's house some afternoons to exchange blow jobs.  But this was a closely guarded secret.  Only Travis and I knew of this.  Speaking of Travis, when he signed with the Leafs in 2001, he stepped in and slept with Corson both on the road and at home, though they did not live together.  They also did not room together since their veteran status gave them their own rooms, but they always got together for afternoon naps and sometimes at night.  Travis did his best to keep Shayne happy and keep him distracted from Darcy's relationship with Nik.  It seem to work okay.  Shayne still wanted Darcy, but he appeared happy enough to have Travis.
It was when McCauley was traded to San Jose that things began to crumble.  See Alyn was Gary's roommate and lover.  So Gary was left without anyone to fuck on the road.  Travis took care of him, and that turned out to be a mistake.  He was now juggling two partners, one of which was emotionally unstable.  It worked for awhile, but a month before the playoffs, the inevitable happened.  We were on our western Canada road trip.  When we were in Edmonton, Shayne went down to Travis' room after he failed to show and caught Gary and Travis fucking.  To make matters worse, he found out about Darcy and Nik when we were at home the week before the playoffs.  Apparently he had called Darcy on his cell phone while Darcy and Nik were fooling around.  Darcy's phone somehow picked up the call and Shayne was able to listen to the whole thing.  Shayne absolutely lost it after that.  The next day at practice we had a scrimmage and Shayne and Gary were on the same team.  Despite that, Shayne slashed Gary hard on the hands.  Gary went down in a heap and Shayne dove on top, feeding him rights.  Bryan and I had to work to get Shayne off, and Gary had to be helped off the ice.  Mats immediately called a players only meeting to get to the bottom of this.  All the beans were spilled and Shayne even confronted Darcy about his relationship with Nik.  This was then the locker room was divided.  Most of the veterans were sick of Shayne's crying and wanted nothing more to do with him.  The young guys, myself included, felt sorry for what he was going through and wanted to help him out.  Bryan and I agreed to take care of Shayne in an attempt to patch the room up before the playoffs.

Things appeared to be calming down again.  Then after game four, Shayne just vanished.  There was absolutely no sign of him.  His car was gone from our garage and he wasn't answering his cell phone or his home phone.  There was no trace of him at his house either.  Bryan and I panicked, to the point where we wanted to call the police.  Mats said no and insisted we search for him first.  I got Travis and we drove all over the GTA looking for him, but never found him.  That was one long and restless night.  I was in the living room all night, calling Shayne every half hour, hoping he might answer.  Eventually, I fell asleep.  When I woke up, there was a message.  It was Shayne.  He said he was okay, but was not coming back.  It was later that day he released a statement saying he was quitting the team.

After that whole debacle, Glen did not re-sign with the team and Robert retired.  Travis would have been welcomed back, but he signed with the Bruins.  Gary was on the team for another year, but he was isolated from most non team events.  Nobody was willing to sleep with him.  Mats did not invite him to any of his parties.  Much of the animosity carried over into the next season.