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The Ablino Rhino 00-01

Just when I thought this would be my home, the Flames waived me.  I was becoming depressed now.  Things were going so well in Calgary, I really wanted to stay there.  Now I was faced with the prospect of having to go back to the minors.

A few days after saying goodbye, I was claimed off waivers by the Leafs.  I arrived in Toronto late that night.  Mats Sundin picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hotel.  He took me up to my room, where a bunch of other guys were waiting.  Thomas Kabarle, Steve Thomas, Shayne Corson, and Nik Antropov were all naked and rock hard.  I turn around and Mats was locking the door and had a rope in his hand.  Lets just say they had their way with me.  It felt like the Quebec initiation I went through my rookie year.  It was one cock after another.

Even overnight, I woke up several times in the middle of the night to guys plowing my ass.  The final time at 5 in the morning though, a wet mouth was making its way down my chest.  Next thing I know, my cock is surrounded by the wet heat of his mouth.  I had no idea who this guy was, but he sure knew how to suck a cock.  I was painfully hard in an instant.  His hands explored my chest while his tongue explored every corner of my shaft.  My cock had been begging for release for hours, so it was only after a few minutes of sucking that I was ready to cum.  Despite the warning I gave him, there was no let up in the intensity of his sucking.  He sucked a massive load out of me and drank every drop.  He kissed me, out tongues rolled in each others mouths and I could taste my seed.
“You taste good” he whispered, and then he was gone.
I went to sleep wonder who that guy was.  Turned out to be Bryan McCabe.
Bryan and I were roommates for the rest of that year.  I can honestly say I had reached the point in my life where having a new boyfriend every six months wasn't for me anymore.  Of course, I still loved fucking other tough guys.  I would never give up the one night stands with other fighters.  But I needed someone I could cuddle up with at home and in the off-season, not just a quick fuck after a game.  I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but Bryan was everything I wanted in a boyfriend.  A companion with an passion for sex.  And it was like Bryan and I were meant to be with each other.  Whenever I was on defense, he was my linemate.

Once the regular season was over, I was done playing.  I was a healthy scratch for every playoff game, but I still traveled with the team and offered them support.  

I was there for Domi's flying elbow on Neidermayer in game 4.  Like most there, I didn't see it when it happened, but when I saw it on replay, I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  Tie was such a great guy, and I wanted to stick up for him, but there was just no way to justify it.  I hurried down to the dressing room after the game ended.  Mats had called a players only meeting.  All eyes were on Tie, who was noticeably shaken up.
“Well...” Mats said, angrily staring down Tie.  “Explain yourself.  What the fuck happened out there?”
Tie began sobbing.
“I...can't” he cried, throwing his arms in the air.
“Turn on TSN, quick” Shayne said.
I turned the TV on and there was the footage of Tie's cheap shot.  It was shown over and over again.  It was the first time most of them had seen it.  Mats covered his eyes and shook his head.
“If that little faggot isn't in our room in the next ten minutes, we're coming in there and painting the walls with his blood!” Jim McKenzie yelled from outside.
Tie looked up at me with sad puppy eyes and was shaking in total fear.  Even though he had just delivered a wicked and dirty elbow, I felt a bit sorry for him.  He was sure not to get any mercy from the Devils.  Not even I would want to go into that dungeon.
“Well, you heard him!” Mats shouted at Tie.  “Get the fuck over there.  Nobody here is going over there for you.  We're going to have a hard enough time finding some way to defend you in the media.”
Mats was a far more active captain than most people give him credit for, as the Domi incident shows.  If there was a problem on the team or in the room, he was the one that dealt with it, aggressively when the situation called for it.  He had no problem dishing out some in house punishment when necessary, and he was rough and merciless as any tough guy I ever met.  Although he defended Tie as best he could in the media, let's just say Tie's ordeal wasn't over when he left the Devils locker room.

The Devils ended up eliminating us in seven games.  I was getting ready to go back to Saskatoon when Bryan invited me to spend the summer at his place on Long Island.  He had a big house way out on the island, but away from the tourist areas.  A half mile away from his house was a beach, which was his, as was all the land between the beach and the house.  It was like an estate.  

We had a lot of sex that summer.  What was really great about Bryan's property was the beach was enclosed on either side by rocks and trees.  We had complete privacy, and we took advantage of it.  Every morning, weather permitting, we had our morning fuck at the beach while watching the sun rise.  Really hot.

I guess I can't end this chapter without talking about fighting.  Thing was I didn't have any fights that are worth mentioning.  Fighting really took a back seat that year.  I was a defenseman every game and got a regular shift.